Our Work

Developers are typically neither brand-led, nor consumer-led types of organisations. They’re focused on the buildings (i.e. they’re product-led). In the case of PegasusLife, we wanted to develop a genuine consumer brand proposition, within the world of property.

The first book, designed for all audiences, was intended to act as a proof point of the vision: the challenge was to see if we would be able to write a book about PegasusLife and present the company’s schemes (products) without showing a single picture of a building…

Drawing on language and illustration, the book comprises a series of chapters, each of which explores the thinking and inspiration behind a different PegasusLife development and what makes it unique and compelling, from considering our responsibility to future generations when it comes to planting, to drawing on insights from the outdoor morning swimming rituals of people on Hampstead Heath.

The second book in the series was intended to complement the first, but to provide planning audiences with more specific information that related to the areas they are interested in. The company’s attitude towards working with local communities, the focus it has placed on creating a product to help meet the needs of the ageing population, and so on.

The third book in the series was focused primarily on a corporate audience. For those looking to get to grips with the structure and facts of the business: its level of investment, its long-term strategic plan, the pipeline, its partners, and so on.

Smith Dawson are responsible for the strategy, content, design and production of all three books, as well as a series of long copy advertisements which draw on the stories from the first book and deliver them in a print format. The campaign won a D&AD award, the highest accolade in the creative industry. It was the first time the award has been given to a retirement developer.