Our Work

The NLA (New London Architecture) invited PegasusLife to curate and produce an exhibition on the subject of housing for older people in London. Our intent was to communicate our ideas in the sector, not only to the general public, but those with a professional interest, such as journalists, architects and investors.

The campaign identity ‘That’s Not Me’ was intended to get straight to the heart of the issue - that the vast majority of people in the relevant demographic rule out retirement living, as they imagine a homogenous product that doesn’t reflect who they are.

Building on this idea, ‘That’s Not Me’ asks people to take another look at retirement living, highlighting how PegasusLife considers the different tastes, interests and lifestyles of their audience, and builds a bespoke product to fit.

Using illustrations, long copy pieces and architectural examples, the exhibition focused on the company’s Hamsptead and Westminster developments to show how each development is inspired by the history of the area, the character of the place and the identity of the people who live there.

Smith Dawson are responsible for the strategy, design, content and production of the exhibition.