Our Work

PegasusLife is business on a mission to change perceptions of retirement living in the UK.

The strategy that the communications campaign has been built around is the requirement to disarm the stigma that exists in society in relation to age-restricted accommodation. That stigma has been brought about through a combination of factors, unaided by the patronising approach that companies in the sector take towards the way they communicate with their audience.

This current generation of retirees are the people who led movements in music, art, politics and fashion. They’ve changed the society at every point, and as they move into their retirement age they will continue to re-invent.

‘We are the new generation’ is a campaign which focuses not on the product that PegasusLife develops, but on who that product is for. It puts the audience at the centre of the proposition and ensures that they understand that PegasusLife ‘gets’ who they are and what they care about (and has therefore created a product to suit them).

Smith Dawson are responsible for the campaign strategy, design and execution of the campaigns, working together with the PR, media and digital agencies to ensure an integrated approach towards the delivery of the campaign across all channels.