Our Work

The only way to truly understand what PegasusLife is about is to experience it first-hand, however as a developer selling apartments off-plan this is a challenging task. So the decision was taken to create an environment that could act as a capsule experience of the proposition to help existing purchasers, new prospects and thought leaders to get to grips with the offer ahead of the developments being completed.

Packed with visual content and design samples, the space is laid out to give people an opportunity to meet with representatives of the company and engage with what it means to live at a PegasusLife development, in an immersive way.

At the heart of the experience, the kitchen and lounge are designed with many of the hallmarks of a PegasusLife communal proposition, stocked with food from local suppliers, a host is on hand to answer questions, talk visitors through the spaces or just make them a coffee. A live video wall creates a compelling backdrop, showcasing the scale of the overall developer’s offer with its 30 sites at different stages of completion, all across the UK.

The design team are also on site within a separate studio area, ready to explain the detailing on fixtures and fittings on display within the space and discuss any of the architectural features of specific schemes.

The space plays host to a series of events throughout the year, designed to bring together all the various stakeholders via the appropriate formats - from round table discussions with planners to Christmas drinks with the locals…

Smith Dawson, working together with PegasusLife, are responsible for all elements of the offer, from the initial strategy to the graphic aspects of the design of the space, to helping to curate and communicate the programme of events.