Our Work

LJ Real Estate are a fund operating in the commercial real estate sector, driven by a desire to do business in a manner that benefits not only the investors, but the tenants and the local community too. Its three founders are guided by a strong set of personal values which manifest in developing a very different kind of workplace for people, where compassion and sustainability sit at the heart of the culture.

Fundamental to the success of this approach is an ability to be able to translate and evidence these values through behaviours and further, communicate this ‘attitude’ coherently to all audiences: appealing to tenants whilst reassuring the corporate world of finance that this philosophy is intrinsic to the success of the business model, and not at odds with it.

The creative narrative developed draws upon the modest yet powerful ideas that shape the company philosophy and how these manifest themselves in the day-to-day context of the business: rainwater harvesting to improve the sustainability of the workspaces, the ideas of fairness and justice enacted through their tenancy agreements, a culture of kindness that flows through their approach to property management, and so on.

Smith Dawson are responsible for helping to shape the proposition, develop the culture and behaviours of the business, as well as the identity and its manifestation across all applications for both the tenant and investor audiences.