Everyman Cinema
In 2009, Everyman had gathered an assortment of independent cinemas in a range of locations across the UK. They needed an overarching brand identity to bring these cinemas together under the Everyman umbrella.


As one of the oldest independent cinema groups in the UK, Everyman had a strong foundation to build upon and a loyal customer base that needed careful consideration in any evolution or change of the style and presentation of the offer.

Everyman Cinema

The visual aesthetic drew on cues from a time when going to the cinema was an exciting thing and hollywood was the most glamorous place in the world…

Everyman Cinema

Everyman brought the magic back and set the tone for delivery of independent cinema in the UK. The style of the branding has since become the vernacular for this part of the market.

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  • Everyman Cinema


  • Everyman Cinema


Smith Dawson were responsible for the identity, stationery, content and print collateral for Everyman.

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