9yds are a new online operator in the property agent sector. They intend to shift behaviour - encouraging people to turn their backs on the traditional high street agents model in favour of an online solution that lets them do it themselves… all the while challenging the perception that there's no such thing as a decent estate agent.


In a category where trust is at an all time low - with unscrupulous landlords exploiting powerless tenants, and agents often encouraging bad behaviour, this is a product that cuts out the agent and empowers landlords and tenants alike by offering an end-to-end service and an ability to deal direct with one another.

The role of the brand is to normalise this online approach for an increasingly informed customer base. Positioning it as a ‘tool’ rather than a service, something that puts you in control - whilst at the same time giving you the guidance that you need to make the right judgement calls.


The tool is deliberately designed to reduce the potential for bad behaviour - really forcing both parties to do everything right - or not at all. Hence the name: 9yds. Inspired by the notion of going the whole nine yards, leaving no stone unturned, doing things properly.

Nine ‘hallmarks’ of the tool were identified and are represented in the nine segments of the logo. The ethos of ‘going the whole nine yards’ went on the shape the full roll out of all applications of the brand.

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Smith Dawson are responsible for shaping the proposition, the naming, identity, website and brand toolkit. They also consulted on the app design and interface, user journeys, media and PR strategy.

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